episode 4: spread the word! ")

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episode 4: spread the word! ")

Post  sash45 on Sat Oct 16, 2010 9:31 am

spread the word out:
don't just sit on the chouch or you will be a chouch potato
go ourside its more fun to play!
get off the computer ans stop playing dolls
go outside and play basketball,football,soccer,skatebord,jumprope,hopscotch,play on your scooter, on your bike, go joging,runing,walking,skping,hoping jumping and more!

we want all of you to stay away from cybear bully's on the computer and when you get off the computer your safe away from them. i'm going to interview my best friend ashley ( if you don't know her then you'll meet her now!) ashley: thank you soo much for making me as the guest at this show! sash45: so do you go and play outside? ashley: i wish cause i'm soooooo busy with homework i don't have time to go outside besides my mom and dad never let me go outside! but i think the viewers should ask their parents before going outside then make sure your parents are there with you for your safety. sash45: i agree! what's you dream job? ashley:a doctor it would be nice to help of people in need of help with their body. sash45: cool if you were maxine what would you say about cybear bullys?
ashley: i think cybear bully should me nice insted because its not nice that cybear bullys report you for nothing,hack into your acount and even MORE. that is why we have cybear bulling month to stop cybulling. sash45: thank you soooooo much for coming! ashley: no thank you bye everyone! sash45 thanks fur watching if you want to see ashley go to http://babvfriendsandlovers.formyjob.net/index.htm and join the fun! don't worry their is a sash show there too!
and fur a special gift i'm giving everyone picture for their signature!

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