Want a website? Read here to find out!

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Want a website? Read here to find out!

Post  sash45 on Tue Oct 05, 2010 6:57 pm

Want to have a website? go to https://www.forumotion.com/ then click create a forum on the top. then fill out the form. Tip: when you name your forum make sure no one else has that name and make it sound like someone wants to join your website. when your done you have to log in then you click your admin panel ( every admin gets one no one else in the forum. that's why you can't see it.) on the bottom of the screen. lets help you with it. Help: Once you get to the admin panel click Genaral then click Categories and forums then click the plus sign. then you could make your Categories for the forum. click the Display button then click Pics management then click Advanced Mode. Then click Upload to upload the logo or backround. Go back to the display and you will see the Smillies button. A smilles is this Cool if you want to add one of your own then click Add A New Smille. then Smille Code is the Picture's name. the Smille Emoticon just type the name of the Emoticon that you named it. I hoped that helped you! Bye!Smile Very Happy

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